Pay Per Click

Be found online rather than just being online with Wise Brain Digital PPC Services!

Wise Brain Digital offers professional PPC marketing services in India. Start mitigating your ads via PPC services in India. PPC (Pay per Click) deals with the payment for every click of your advertisement. We offer improved ROI by using every channel effectively at a lower Cost per Acquisition.

67% of the consumers make use of the search engines for their product research, and this leads to traffic, leads, and sales. The paid ads offer instant results to the websites. The paid advertisements will be in the form of image & text ads, and this helps to make your site visible online to the targeted audiences.

Search Engine Marketing can be done through different services, namely Bing Ads, CPC, PPC, Google Adwords, geo-targeting, campaigns, and retargeting. Wise Brain Digital offers full support through PPC services and ensures that your ads easily reach to your targeted audiences to bring you more returns.

Best PPC Services available from Wise Brain Digital:

  • Search Advertising: One of the significant channels in PPC advertising and is called by various terms, namely SEM, PPC, Paid search, and more.
  • Social Media Advertising: It is considered to be a powerful tool with lower CPCs when compared to Search and higher engagement & reach when compared to display.
  • Display Advertising: One of the crucial PPC strategies which provides digital marketers the instant power through phenomenal reach.
  • Remarketing: One of the intelligent PPC advertising techniques that will help to show ads to the ones who have previously visited your website.
  • Mobile Advertising: Due to the increase in data connectivity and penetration of Smartphone, mobile advertising is at its peak.
  • Google Shopping Ads: It is best and mandatory for all type of online retail marketing businesses. Through Google Shopping Ads, you will be able to create new campaigns and then sell your business products and services to your online clients.

Our PPC Strategies:

Setting up Objectives:

Our professionals with good experience in the PPC will talk to the clients regarding their business, understand the goals and requirements. Our experts will frame an ad based on the objectives and requirements of the clients to attain maximum reach.

Ad Plan:

Our team of experts creates unique and attractive ad copies to make you shine amid the crowd. Our PPC professionals will make use of various tools to perform keyword research and identify the right keywords which will provide you a good amount of inquiries. Once the keyword is chosen, the ad is made displayed to your targeted audiences.

Bid Management:

Our PPC professionals & the team will discuss, bid on the keywords which will provide higher ROI. Every bid is monitored by our professionals based on the keywords and targeted audiences.

PPC Copywriting:

A unique and meaningful title and description are provided in the PPC campaign to get you more clicks. We do have content writers who create useful, engaging, and attractive content for the ad

Results Tracking:

All the reports of PPC campaigns are documented regularly and then shared with our clients. Our experts monitor the ROI, and the changes will be made as per the trends in the report. Our clients will be able to check the performance of every keyword in the PPC campaign.

What’s included in our PPC Services?

  • Ad text creation
  • Bid management
  • PPC tracking and monitoring
  • Keyword selection
  • Assist with landing pages
  • Call/conversions/sales tracking.
  • Account structuring
  • Continuous creative and testing.
  • Target using segmentation, key phrase insights, audience social listening, and personal data.
  • Location and Mobile targeting

Why is PPC essential for your business?

  • Concentrate attention on every social media sites.
  • Optimize the customer requirements and satisfaction
  • Periodical reports
  • Redefine the project before the initial stages.
  • Customize your plans to target the customers to develop excellent visibility.
  • Oversize of remote area accessibility.

Why Choose Wise Brain Digital for PPC Services India?

Some of the benefits of choosing the best PPC Company in India include

  • Instant visibility
  • Brand awareness
  • Pay only when the customer clicks on your ads.
  • Best and effective PPC campaigns.
  • Real-time reports.

To know more about Wise Brain Digital India PPC Services, contact us!