With changing dynamics of consumer behavior it has become really very difficult to identify which marketing activity will be really help full in advertising. When talking about activity we at Wisebraindigital segregates our approach to ATL and BTL.

(ATL) Above the Line advertising

With ATL in place we start marketing or promotional activity directed for a mass market. Without much of trimming we send out message loud and clear. Though rate of conversion with this approach is very lean. However it’s the most preferred way of pronouncing your brand to audience at large. This gives you instant brand visibility and in the most expensive way.

Implementing ATL activities:
Television: Advertising campaigns directed at the regional or national level
Print media: Promotional messages in newspapers, online articles, and advertisement
Radio: Pod casting, Pan-country or pan-city radio broadcasts

Below the Line (BTL) advertising

BTL activities are more directed and focused way of approaching customers. Here we create advertising plans to specific segment with classification to their demographic, psychographic factors. The communication is highly personalized and the objective is to gain conversions.
The major advantage of BTL advertising is that the results of the campaign can be easily tracked. ROI is also higher here. Additionally, campaigns can be tailored for different subsets of consumers within a single segment.

Implementing BTL activities:

  • Outdoor advertisements: Billboards, fliers, banners, sandwich boards, and so on
  • Direct marketing: SMS, emails, social media posts, pamphlets
  • Sponsorship: Events, competition
  • Public Relations: Press conferences, viral marketing
  • In-store promotion: Visual merchandising, retailer pop-ups, sampling, sales promotions

There is no cut and paste approach when it comes to marketing. While ATL activities may work for some companies, others may need to supplement it with BTL. Everything depends on how well it’s been planned and executed. Here at wise brain digital we emphasize much on analysis and then implementation that gives us a better canvas for writing a success story.