People also search for’ suggestions in ad results

The feature has been showing in paid search results for several months

some marketers noted that Google’s organic “People also search for” box of suggested queries is showing up within the paid search results after a user clicks on an ad and then goes back to the search results page.

We hadn’t noticed this feature displaying within the paid search results before either, but it turns out the inclusion of these suggestions in the ads section isn’t all that new. We’ve learned Google began showing the “People also search for” suggestions in paid search results on mobile in September 2017 and more recently extended them to desktop paid search results in May.


The organic “People also search for” query refinement feature has been around for several years. It displays at the bottom of the search result pages and also appears within organic results either on delay or when a user clicks on a result and then clicks back to the search results.

Posted on August 13, 2013 in Paid Ads

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